Dialoguemakers Wish List

  1. A need exists to acquire the Telosa Exceed! Basic fund raising and donor management software or an equivalent. This software helps nonprofits streamline fund raising and donor management. It is available via retail at $499 but to nonprofits TechSoup.org sells it at $299. Telosa's Exceed! Basic is a software application that enables nonprofits to organize the Agency's funding and donor records, track critical donor and gift information, manage mailings to improve their donor communications, and generate reports to analyze their fund-raising campaigns. Telosa Exceed! Basic is easy to use and integrates with QuickBooks accounting software. We are eligible to receive the discount as our annual operating budget is far less than the cut off of $500,000 (USD).
  2. A need exists for 800 square feet of office space to be used for the Dialoguemakers.org continuing education activities and Office headquarters in Austin Texas. 
Please write a check today and make a contribution today! A dire need exists. Send your contribution to 9704 Monarch Ln, Austin TX 78724-5840.

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