The History of Police Militarization in the US / Charles Shaw See Exile Nation

              On Monday, November 28, 2011, students at UC-Davis occupied Dutton Hall, the University's financial center, and held an all-day teach-in. Author/Journalist/Filmmaker Charles Shaw was one of the featured speakers. Here is his talk, "The History of Police Militarization in the US." credits to Charles Shaw – See Exile Nation Profile –

Police More Militarized Than Ever Police brutality has hit the main stage since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in September of this year. Protesters and members of the press have been harassed, assaulted and arrested during Occupy movements worldwide. Many believe police brutality has always been an issue and just now people are starting to notice. Rania Khalek, reporter for AlterNet, helps us evaluate the issue - 30 November 2011.

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It would appear the police now work for Goldman Sachs/fFederal Reserve. It is well established that Goldman Sachs stole 13 billion from the American people (illegal naked short cds bet with AIG against sub-prime mortgages - AIG bankruptcy) in 2008. They have had 3 years to deal with this crime and other crimes against humanity committed by the financial elite (part of debt going from 9 to 15 trillion in 3 years- ridiculous). Clearly, police involved here (anti ows) are not doing their jobs

Freeze Flash Mob & Police Brutality - Don't Buy War!

About this episode TV-UN "This young lady was arrested for assaulting a peace officer."

CodePink Austin, along with allies from Veteran's for Peace and Women in Black staged a Don't Buy War "freeze" at Barton Creek Mall on Saturday, December 3rd. The strategically chosen mall location was between the Santa photo station and the Gamestop store, which prominently advertises the 'Modern Warfare 3' video game. The goals were to raise awareness about the continuing wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, to educate shoppers about the costs (both human and economic) of the wars, and to dissuade parents from purchasing war toys. The creative action was well received by shoppers, and several veterans approached the group to thank us. All was peaceful until mall security and APD arrived, and an APD officer brutally attacked a young woman who had joined the group spontaneously. Produced for Austin Indymedia by Jeff Zavala. A ZGraphix Production.

Credits: Austin Police Accountability Coalition

5 Police Officers Vs A Law Knowing Citizen

Police Officers getting Owned.. Follow me!/OperationLeakS @Walkerofdeepsleep The founding fathers were not diests. Some of them were, some of them weren't. Thomas Jeffereson and Benjamin Franklin clearly state that they do not believe in God.

Dick Cheney admits Flight 93 was shot down Dick Cheney admits to having flight 93 shot out of the sky. The only hijacked plane that had a chance of returning at least some of it's passengers home and ...

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