Private Prisons for Profit Bring Horror Amidst A Democracy

June 23rd's "Vigil for No Child or Parent Left Behind Bars! rocked. Check out
the report at Just over 504 persons led by, Amnesty International, ACLU, LULAC, The Green Berets, TX Civil Rights Project, Texas Indigenous Council and others

Plus Raymondville Vigl II, June 24
World Refugee Day (UN)

Former US Attorney General Meese was told in Flores v. Meese,  681 F Supp 665 (1988) to  stop the unlawful incarceration of immigrant minors in California based private prisons, and, to abide by strict standards relative to any human being that was detained by any US enforcement agency.  Contrary to said case law, Michael Chertoff and officers of Guantanamo Bay Prison incarcerated five children in that leased facility. Then, in 2006 the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and other agencies cooperated to "build or lease private prisons nationwide as per secretly developed contracts designed for incarcerating innumerable immigrants rounded up under the pretense of new Congressional laws" ,,, acting without town hall meetings where issues were debated universally allowing public consent to be developed.  A huge prison building and contracting campaign, that increases the number of human beings detained from 19,718 a day in 2005 to about 26,500 in February '07, or about 32,000 by June 2007 is underway. See more details in alternative media coverage. A Congressional and Senate (click on either) inquiry designed to stop these denials of human rights have been demanded.  Why? Dialoguemakers urge where psychological humiliation, taunting, retaliation, coercion, pushing, slapping, keeping the lights lite 24 hours daily, poor and improperly prepared food is given to inmates causing up to fifty per day to vomit or be clinically depressed produces torture and repression and an environment where prison rapes occur. These outcomes arise over and over in the private prisons under review by citizens making walks all across Texas and along the Texas-Mexico border.   Detention center protesters joined on behalf of human rights on 3-17-07 at Austin's anti-Iraq-war protest just 35 miles from the Taylor Center pictured.

Visualize the razor fencing prevalent around "residential centers" in sparsely populated
Texas towns i.e., T Don Hutto - Taylor; Rolling Plains Jail - Haskell; Brooks County Detention Center - Falfurias; La Villa - Hidalgo County; the tent city - Raymondville; the International Emergency Shelter - Fresnos and Port Isabel - Bayside.

     T. Don Hutto Residential Center, Taylor Tex, a formerly failing jail with 512-beds now used for Children, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents each costing US citizens $7,000/month
T. Don Hutto Residential Center, a converted former failing jail, holds 512-beds for children taught under conditions not equal to Taylor ISD). The youth stay with and apart from Mothers, Fathers & Grandparents from 30 countries. Note however, Rusten Weber 10, Hamde Weber, 5 & Nebil Weber, 9 pictured above are outside and Aziza Mohamed their Mother is inside T Don Hutto. This difficult situation represents a serious Constitutional violation as none are known criminals but the government is.  Solely the housing costs taxpayers $7,000/month. Imagine razor wire around schools in your home town or Corrections Corp of America (CCA) deciding it will rename a building in your home town by one of its corporate leaders. Don Hutto is one of the three founders of CCA. This "anything- goes police-state harangue" grows if no one protests razor wire or private prisons for profit being used for children. At left see Rolling Plains Jail & Residential Center in Gov. Rick Perry's home town of Haskell, a small West Texas town 60 miles from Abilene near George W & Laura Bush early stomping ground. At Rolling Plains the use of a full body cavity check by Emerald Corrections Management Corp for assessing a prison rape, taunting, coercive humiliation and molestation amounts to an inappropriate adherence to the Prison Rape Elimination Assessment Manual. Why? Insufficient forensic detail was reported to eliminate future rapes or bring about the victim's Federal Court release or a dismissal of prison personnel.

Nearly 380 miles south, Brooks County Detention Center -- Falfurias, Texas where Lafayette La for profit prison contractor's Lt. Teague told Psychotherapist Koym 3-21-07, "This is a private business. It belongs to Lafayette Corrections Center. So no one can take pictures here!!" But corporate profits do result every time the US Government vehicles parked in front of this private prison are used per police state orders. Local citizens were denied the right to object to such contracts.
  Eighty miles South razor wire tops
La Villa in
Hildalgo County Texas where US Marshals guard detainees moved from less well-planned shelters.   According to Clergy Victor Villegas, a jail minister for the International Emergency Shelter (ICE) @ Los Fresnos, when it's full, ICE serves 99 unaccompanied boys and 58 girls subject to Immigration & Naturalization Act 8 USC Sec 1251 (a)(1)(B) deportation. Many never see counsel or translators in person. Nelly Weaver, Administrative Assistant for Operations at the International Educational Services Inc says, "a US Dept of Health & Human Services $5,534,950.00 grant of 2-7-06 makes it feasible" for the nearly 82 employees to provide "foster care." This is done in temporary trailer home facilities just beyond Los Fresnos city limits at 13303 FM 1847. To communicate or get special information ICE Weaver acknowledges "we are forced at times to connect youth in our care with translators telephonically so we can improve efforts to meet their needs." Besides this lack of direct heart to heart communication, Koym learned a Korean and Brazilian child were held when he visited the Shelter 3-22-07; though Dr. Ruben Gallegoes was unavailable then, we learned at least one girl was pregnant due to rape. On point, Lisa Graybill, Legal Director for the ACLU of Texas said in a Public Hearing of the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission at UT Austin Law School 3-27-07, "Due to inadequate guidelines relative to females, it is not likely untrained jail personnel can use the Prison Rape Assessment Manual (2005) to provide a detailed forensic report fitting with the Prison Rape Elimination Law of 2003. This may occur principally because the guidelines are inadequate." In the case of unaccompanied minor females that are accustomed to speaking one of perhaps 50 languages not often used in the US (and then they are given no direct access to the person they are asked to speak to over a phone), how can a child tell their inner most feelings via a phone hook up, during an investigtion of sexual violence, taunting, torture or insensitive staff to inmate or inmate on inmate rape in the confines of any International Emergency Shelter? This is highly questionable. Neither Congress nor the Senate Committees on Homeland Security, the Office of the President or any Federal Court may duck their fullest responsibility under US or international law.

Why wasn't a thorough investigation of sexual molestation or rape done in a federal facility in Nixon, Texas?
Among youth detained in Nixon where Texas Shelter Care personnel were charged with sexual molestation. ICE moved 72 minors to other facilities rather than fire the sexual predator. Sadly FBI agent Erik Vasys said, "wrongdoing by staff related to minor children." He and US Attorney Johnny Sutton failed to invoke the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 - 42 USC Sec 15601 et esq. or to follow Prison Rape Manual Reporting Procedures 2005. No firing took place and 136 bed facility remained licensed.

Why do County Jail Managers Seek Peak Occupancies & High Profits? Dollars of course.
As of 2-28-07  Brownsville had 1,390 inmate beds; by 3-25-07 it had 83 available for incomers. The remaining 1,307 beds were occupied at Carrizalez-Rucker Detention Center in Olmito, Detention Center I and II and Cameron County Jail on East Harrison Street in Brownsville. The County accommodates 300 federal inmates detained by the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Border Patrol and other federal agencies. It receives $36.35 per federal inmate per day, says County Auditor Mark Yates. In 2006, Cameron took in $5.5 million housing federal inmates; when a large portion were below Texas Commission on Jail Standards this forced prisoners to be transfered.

But beyond the County held detainees, Homeland Security  makes maximum use of the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayside [not pictured here] a little town of 291 taxpayers. There almost no one asks what happens in Port Isabel DC. When Jay Johnson Castro led an entourage there 3-22-07 a four-person Homeland Security team took photographs and video tapes for 45 minutes hoping to repress public distaste for police state affairs.

  Raymondville Texas Low $ Tent Prison ICE Private Prison/Friendship Mission  The tents in Raymondville Texas give MTC low dollar high profit private prisons, essentially an illegal ICE boondoggle, aka US Friendship Mission. Ten tents were hastily built though $64 million were committed by ICE. Having learned of the bad food, sewerage back up and other horrors, a walk was used to draw attention to this tent city after  the Regional Director of ICE denied access to prisoners rights briefings, previously given inside these tents by pro brono Attorney Jodi Goodwin until November 2006. Then, John Torres ICE's Director ordered "only 12 prisoners could be briefed at a time", increasing Goodwin's work load tenfold. This Willacy County Jail & Detention Center is 50 miles from Brownsville and 260 miles from Austin; T. Don Hutto Residential Center of Taylor 34 miles from Austin. Not shown are Brooks County Jail & Detention Center in Falfurias and Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayside. Officers at these facilities denied exterior picture taking or a chance for a visiting MD, business owners, a mental health specialist, teachers, parents etc. to ask them questions. The picture on the left shows a Homeland Security Officer who refused to speak to visitors though given the business card in officer's left hand. Below  advocates protested behalf of 2000 former tax payers held in Willacy Detention Center. They seek less intrusive alternatives. After ICE deported Mariela Santos Torres - a taxpayer of 20 years on 6-18-07, Bill Rovira -- a South Texas businessman and her fiance must visit her in Cuidad Arce, Libertad, El Salvador. Bill is pictured on the right. His lady Mariela was held in the Tent prison for 4.5 months.

Note, not shown is a 1,524-bed CCA facility of Stewart County, Georgia, and untold other such centers about the Nation. Research results shows the same corporation house detainees in at least seven other countries, meaning US taxpayer dollars may reach contractor run private prisons in countries like Australia, the Republic of South Africa, or in Europe and Asia.

What's on the horizon?
Congressional voted in a plan for temporary foreign workers and the legalization of up to 12 million "illegal" immigrants now in the
US. Yet law abiding citizens have not seen the paper work approving of these facilities; nor have they voted to approve of a) Rolling Plains Jail & Residential Center in Haskell Texas - Gov Perry's hometown; b) the San Diego Corrections Center or c) in fact up to 300 hastily built or acquired settings nationwide, particularly in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Louisiana & Georgia. All have been rushed into existence to enforce laws aimed at rounding up immigrants and fining employers, or for holding and deporting those caught by the U.S. Border Patrol. At the same time, the administration and its allies argue that even additional detention beds will be overwhelmed without new channels for legal immigration. These illegal sites (where no assurance that torture in not committed) are run by contractors such as the Corrections Corporation of America, Emerald Company Corporation and Geo Group Inc without regard to standards established in 1948 and 2005 with regard to Native American families held in prison camps between 1942-47 when 130,000 Japanese were similarly held in WW II and contrary to Flores (1988), Geneva Convention International Accords and United Nations Children's Rights Accord.

Countering these police state actions, Texas Rep Eddie Rodriguez filed HCR 64 in Feb 07; Rep Anchia co-sponsored the bill recognizing rights of children do not violate US laws when their parents come to the US attempting to feed them. Town hall meetings and voter demands could turn the tide on such inhumane acts.

Letters to Federal Congressmen (click to the right) requesting legislation & Town Hall Meetings asking that Congress compel leaders to comply with Stare Decisis, case law, US Statutes, notable Geneva & International Treaties and Accords. Secondly click here to see a letter now part of the US Congressional Record.

Take a Video Tour - See Where Children Are Detained

Take a tour of the Taylor Gulag for families. Click/see how fat cow jail operators run private prisons at $7000/month per human being held. Immigrants coming from 28+ countries, principally not from Latin America. Sadly some of the children turn out to be US born. Behalf the US citizens, a Federal Court Class Action suit -- Mancha v ICE was filed in late 2006 by the Southern Poverty Law Center against US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and Homeland Security administrators who participated in rounding up alleged law violators.


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