A General Invitation & Call to Get Involved:


We invite lay persons and professionals to get involved with Dialoguemakers.org. By getting deeply involved, you will see the value of dialogue in all aspects of your life. By just being involved, you begin by learning through doing. Once two or more people develop the ability to enter into dialogue with the toughest of the tough negotiators, more and more needs may be met on a larger and larger scale. Slowly you grasp the value that being in dialogue has upon society. Meaningful changes can happen just as easily on the local, state, national and international level. Boundless numbers of issues can be dealt with, but immense energy must be applied.


Be a volunteer! To volunteer, click on Contact Us and send Dialoguemakers.org an email. That will let our staff put you to work. The greater the number that are involved, the greater capability that our organization may develop lasting solutions in the many parts of the world where our dialoguemakers are found.


Specialized Invitation For those Whom May Get Specially Tasked


Not everyone is cut out to address the demands that must be faced on the fighting lines of conflict and violence. In fact, it behooves one to ask, am I truly willing to sacrifice my freedoms, my professional or lay right to say No to the indefinite demands that must be faced or the constraints that are placed on one’s time. Certainly low-level tasks can be addressed by volunteers, but, it takes seasoned negotiators with specialized capabilities to address hostilities in problem situations.


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