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December 31, 2007



         Rio Grande Valley Tactical Infrastructure EIS

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In Turn: Mr. Michael Chertoff, Secretary – a Citizen of Israel & the U.S.A.



Re: Rio Grande Valley Tactical Infrastructure Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), c/o e²M




I hereby file this statement in accord with the National Environmental Policy Act, mandating an Impact Statement for all major federal actions significantly affecting the quality of life in the USA. Though expert mathematicians calculate it would cost about $1,220.00 to complete each linear foot to build a continuous wall “more or less along the Rio Grand River bed” from the Gulf of Mexico to northern El Paso, costs far beyond the steel and mortar construction involved. Those immense add-on costs are not reflected in studies mentioned by any and all US Government personnel mentioned in the 500+ page hastily-written EIS document having glaring omissions and unfounded assertions. In addition, no biological, cultural, or engineering surveys have been set forth about the 14 national wildlife refuge tracts or the Sacred Lands of three Native American National possessions slated to get walls. Moreover the increase in apprehensions that might be expected from bearing the expense and the horribly unfriendly relations a wall would produce as compared with the San Diego area, where they built triple-layer fencing along the increase was solely seven percent (7 %).  . These results produced a highly negligible return on the investment. See research results set forth by unbiased scientists contributing to A barrier to our shared environment: The border fence between the United States & Mexico (2007, ISBN: 968-794-764-8); you may access this book at Certainly the fauna, ecosystem and legal relationships that are involved needed much closer and more sane examination. 


Building a wall at the border between the USA and Mexico separates brothers and sisters from parents and extended family members and indigenous people who have come and gone for centuries. Moreover, the construction of a wall is harmful to wildlife and near extinct species that depend on the Rio Grande for water, habitat needs and shelter from natural disasters, as well as to the psychological, economical and political well being of two democracies. No US Government impact study deals with the prejudicial or legal right for the Federal Government to turn US citizens into racists within the eyes of the world and I hereby demand that the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security to Stop the Hate it is manifesting. Kindly come into compliance with the US Hate Crimes Act; and International Agreements arising among the

1)      Native People living in this Hemisphere three millennia before Europeans migrated to the Americas; and between

2)      Thirty five Nations making up this Hemisphere since Nation States have been set forth; and with

3)      Nations of Europe which founded Spanish, British, Dutch, and German Colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Note

1)      Spanish Land Grants recognized the Lipan Apache Nation in a grant describing the before the Louisiana Purchase or 1836 War between Texas and Mexico and ignored in late 2007 by Secretary Chertoff

                                                   i.      According to Dr. Eloisa G. Tamez sacred lands EloisaGTamez who wrote: “I am one of those individuals who have refused Homeland Security access to my land. Secretary Chertoff is saying that the government needs access to the land to assess the best placement of the wall. I was told by his representatives that they needed to test the soil, etc. to assess environmental impact. I was told by the representatives that they were not there to talk about the erection of a wall--just to test the soil and take measurements. The other land grant descendents in the area were also told that. The government representatives say that 90 to 95 percent of the people who gave access are also in agreement to the wall. The same people with whom I have discussed the signing of the document indicate they did not agree to the erection of the wall -- only to access to evaluate the land. The information does not coincide. We are being betrayed and coerced. We are being invaded and corralled in our own land. Is this a democratic country and the envy of the world? Houston Chronicle online 12/6/2007 2:04 PM CST

                                                 ii.      Kickapoo Tribe of Texas impacted around Eagle Pass; the Coahuiltecan reaching into Mexico from Del Rio north to El Paso; and the Pueblo Indians, Isleta del Sur and Senecfi del Sur, near El Paso; and the Apache, Comanche; still being identified in birth certificates, local, state and US government records and correspondences unearthed as families gain the resources to prove up their rights.

                                                iii.      Ugly arm chair orders written by the Secretary of the Homeland Security Department Michael Chertoff and expanded by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales placed children of such parents in situations where they could be humiliated and disenfranchised. In an earlier case, instigated by Rep. Lamar Smith an immigrant minor; this cost the US 12 million dollars.

                                               iv.      With the wall replacing freedoms that existed under Spanish, French, Texas National Law, as well as US law, matters that took minimal efforts have already come to take immensely longer. For instance, before a wall was mentioned, changes in laws led to complications. As US citizens take the law into their own hands and hurt or kill immigrants, then Minutemen say "why can’t foreigners kill border agents?" Sounds incorrect.

2)      The Mayors and Chambers of Commerce on each side of the Rio Grande River jointly oppose a conclusion of the wall on the grounds it is a scourge that would destroy a healthy multi-billion dollar relationship; and, NAFTA statistics show the volume of business conducted between businesses from the State of Texas and Mexico exceed that of all the remaining States of the USA put together and Mexico. Texans shall be shorted by billions of dollars. Water, transportation and trade agreements will be greatly hampered for decades after wall construction.

4)      By denting Texas-Mexico proceeds and contrary to Texas Government Code, Section 490.001 by Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.S., Ch. 921, Sec. 17.001(31), as an active original member of San Antonio’s Free Trade Alliance of 1990-1993, I submit Michael Chertoff’s wall-builders spells ruin to a healthy economy and it will hurt incomes of a highly significant number of Texans and Mexicans who now reduce the number of probable immigrants to the USA.  The EIS put forth failed to look at how the proposed "wall-building effort will increase not reduce poverty and the number of those forced into servitude."

1)      As an alternative to building a wall, I urge a two-pronged policy that creates

                                                   i.      Fair Trade Alliances (not an equal trade agreement as passed in mid 2007 by Costa Rica only after fierce intrusion in local voter decision making by the Bush administration) and

                                              ii.      establishes an Entrepreneur Development Incentives Program which pipes intellectual capital to prospective immigrants in their homes of origin so they remain at home and turn their dreams into successful businesses in which they grow pride and futures independent of living amidst those of us in the USA. Just like any other distance education intellectual capital is needed to foster entrepreneurial development and can be sent into the third world and rather than turning people off, they can be turned on to creative lives outside this country.   


5)      The impact brought forth by the Wall could easily cost the US 185 billion dollars annually for the next five decades if the wall is completed. In Europe another kind of political football has been played. In Germany, pro-Nazis people bashers put foreigners at risk. 

6)      The hate must be halted in agreement with multi-national Accords existing prior to this millennium. Anger became a politicized reality contrary to the Hate Crimes Act and now gravely hampers the economic life, psychological, cultural and political well-being of our countries and in specific it maims 85 % of the population found in the Rio Grande Valley -- principally a Hispanic minority and the nearly 55 % of those living between Eagle Pass and El Paso by incrementally blocking foot traffic, daily familial interactions, church going with extended family and entrepreneurial efforts on each side of the border.

7)      Erecting a wall at the border of the United States and Mexico, Brownsville to El Paso sets a burdensome precedence because it will and has already hampered (and hampers) the economic, psychological, cultural and political well-being of our countries. If measured it in terms of hate crimes and political football, the process is profoundly destructive to the image of the United States. A wall provides no solution; it will bring human suffering and servitude and increase poverty. Based on my 47 years of professional experience dialoguing with North, South and Central Americans, I opine it will aggravate the environment and harmony between cultures amicably existing side by side without external antagonism or the Homeland Security for centuries. [See Addicts to easy money, violence & terrorism (Koym, 2003).] This intrusion will harm native people by further breaking apart their Nations, business communities by increasing costs and persons of faith by wedging distance between believers. I oppose it.

8)      Preaching prejudice, committing hate crimes to achieve the incriminalization of classes of people violates Hemispherical and international agreements reaching to 1695, is wrong. Using racism to achieve leadership wastes harmony. Ugly blasts bring unnecessary hurt to children as families have been interned with raids conducted. I observed angers be converted to racist like action. Ill-prepared office holders and Homeland Security personnel began building a 700-mile border wall but not looking at decades of negative consequences that evolve from short-sighted efforts.

9)      Contrary to the Hate Crimes Act, the political football brought on by the Wall and arguments about immigrations are indisputably harmful. Human relations on each side of our once friendly border have been squashed. That is unbecoming and the blame lies with US leaders who have committed violated the US Hate Crimes Act of 2007.[1].

1)      Neo Nazis Racism & White Supremacy Threats: Contrary to the Hate Crimes Act of 2007, threats continue to be issued, including administratively derived statutes set forth so a border wall can be built and generate fascist images of the USA. This DOHS action barricades and will inhibit informal relations that have been in place for 450 years.

2)      Minutemen and other hate group members combined with ICE and Texas, New Mexico and Arizona ranchers hold hundreds of border crossers in migrant cages held in multiple locations, like this one on the Arizona-Mexico border. This started between April 2000 and July 2001 but grew to enormity after Mr. Chertoff shaparoned such practices on Sacred Lands which cross the Mexico Arizona border. Numerous were injured or died in fear of being apprehended and jailed. By 2007 thousands have been unlawfully apprehended by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In Arizona’s Maricopa County, Arpaio has been charged in a Federal lawsuit for unlawful detainment and racial profiling.

3)      Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's Office has “enforced federal immigration laws since March 2006. About 160 deputies and jail officers have been specially trained to enforce federal immigration laws. Since 2006, ICE-trained Maricopa deputies have arrested or deported more than 1,200 people. In July, Arpaio launched a controversial hotline to let the public report "illegal immigrants" or smuggling activity. … The named litigant is Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres, a US citizen who was illegally detained after being stopped on the street, and held for about eight hours before an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent verified his documents. … Arpaio said traffic stops like the one involving Ortega will continue. "We're going to keep doing our job," Arpaio said. "We're going to keep arresting illegal immigrants." (Arizona Republic, Dec. 13)”

10)  Complaints filed by the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, oppose the border fence. Elected trustees who represent the colleges, indicate their "displeasure with plans to run the fence near the campuses", says Antonio Zavaleta, vice president for external affairs for the institutions. DOHS plans show the fence would detach the university's golf course from the UT campus. Antonio Zavaleta's resolution was sent to the Secretary of Homeland Security. DailyTexanOnline & The Daily Texan, p. 1 & p. 5a,11-30-07.

11)  Europeans note beginning in 2005-06, Mexican Consular Officers helped migrants. Since mid 2007, US Customs Officers are in fight mode, not seeking peace or order like this.

Unfortunately, prejudice and hate preached by US Rep Lamar Smith from 1981 to 1986, has rubbed off on the DOHS. He wrote the Immigration Reform Act of 1986, a law whose impact was not verified as neutered. I lived in San Antonio and attended Smith campaign speeches off and on for 15 years. I saw him claim, “We have a law that permits us to be harsh on those who enters our country. I saw to this.” But since October 2007, it dumbfounds me that Smith red-neck campaign tactics I witnessed, lay the ground for the prejudice, hate and rage, which undergerd  the border wall prowess facing society today. Thence forth little by little loose-shod Smith now foster fascism. Many have leaned his way since 1999. Between 2004 and December 2007, what was set forth and never carefully analyzed for its impact, became the basis for calling immigrants "undocumented and illegal". Sadly, Smith’s position is racist and facets of the INS reform laws he wrote and  updated up through 1997, allow for filthy hate crimes to be committed as if government policy. Moreover they lay the premises used by hate groups, including Minutemen, rebel Ku Klux Klan like outlaws and mercenary/police state advocates [See 2007-2008 Southern Poverty Law Center analyses and Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice 2000 -- Koym]. Though hate crimes and profiling are illegal, apprehensions and hiring and rental bans have become a craze. They, along with the administratively derived border-wall resolutions and mandates merit careful study and research so detrimental impacts are curbed. Efforts must be undertaken to prevent harm, violence and hostility rampart across the United States. Fascistic racism must be scrubbed so US democratic principles do not parish. [See the 2006 book by Publius, Liberate America: Unite to defeat the Neo-Facist Conservatives --]. I submit the border wall is unconstitutional  and dangerous for democracies throughout the world.

12)  In contrast to the negatives fostered by Michael Chertoff, the Germans are commended for having taken corrective actions on behalf of more than three million citizens of Turkey working in their country. Though joblessness affects exist, Germany pumped 450 billion dollars into the eastern former-communist region along with allowing foreign-born laborers to remain in their country, [See Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice -- 2000; Koym.] The administrations reach to 2007 shows that these Europeans want no more of Nazism or the basis for a police-state to return. Reaction to US-based racism caused neo-Nazis rage to come under court review both in Germany and China. [See Taiwan: Growing Entrepreneurs, Trade & Tourism – 2003; Koym & Surviving traumas in Guatemala: Peace Accord Challenges & Entrepreneurial Promises – 2003, Koym.]

13)  Like pronouncements against bashing of foreigners were made in France, Poland, the Philippines, etc. The Polish Roman Catholic Church asked for forgiveness for its toleration of anti-Semitism and disdain of non-Catholics in a letter of joint apologies in its 2,000-year history. The bishops said, “Anti-Semitism, just like anti-Christianism, is a sin.” Changed INS Policy and the ICE Policy Take Over Affects [See Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice -- 2000, Koym.]

14)  Why the pressure? “In the past, three out of every four of 1.3 million Mexicans (or Central Americans) caught each year at the border entered the US through metropolitan areas. The rest came across in remote areas. The number of apprehensions in Douglas, Arizona, a rural ranching community in Cochise County, used to be about 8 to 10 thousand people,,,” up through 1995. The US Border Patrol projected it would apprehend a half million at this crossing by December 31, 2000. (Ibid, X. Garcia, June 6, 2000.) An ax is ground on both sides. Inadequate dispute resolution methods are in place to work out reasonable settlements of the issues involved. The impact of police-state actions permitted by ICE Statutes allowed new policies to be set forth and these have not been well analyzed as required by 200-year precedence. I urge these practical amount voids that are unconstitutional. No doubt, thousands of incarcerations have taken place and this has led to an extremely high number of raids on work establishments where US taxpayers were arrested across the US. Discriminatory practices have given the impression the US has no alternative means to enforce immigration laws. [See Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice -- 2000; Koym.] That forms the basis for border wall building, a highly harmful mentality.

15)  According to Mexican Consul Salvador Cassian, assigned to Phoenix, Arizona, 27 incidents lead to detentions in Cochise County between April 1999 and August 24, 2000. Ranchers Roger and Donald Barnett policed a majority of the cases. For three months no reports were made; then he reported 44, including one detained before ABC Television cameras. (Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice -- 2000; Koym; and, Notimex, August 24, 2000.) As summer of 2001 came, though citizen staged water resources were set up, deaths due to dehydration grew but those returns dwarf the odds seen as 2008 begins with a precedence setting DOHS stoking the fires of an unbecomingly angry Nation.

16)  Sources for US anger or indifference exist.     Regardless of immigrant-bashing odds, thousands of ambitious young people from abroad came in pursuit of the American dream and, their offspring became first generation US citizens with rights to be respected.


I support of better Mexican-American relations and of human rights and am appalled that the Rio Grande Valley Tactical In fracture EIS, the DOHS and ICE have not made it feasible for citizens to participate in this process nor was it not feasible to fax my report during an earlier Valley Infrastructure EIS. Should there be any doubt as to my determination that building a wall at the border of the United States and Mexico starting in the Rio Grande Sector through to the San Diego Sector, will bring lasting detrimental psychological, cultural, economic and political harm to world relations, local development and regional betterment, please see Children’s rights & deportations a call for justice -- 2000; Koym; Surviving traumas in Guatemala: Peace Accord Challenges & Entrepreneurial Promises – 2003, Koym; and, Series of Strategies For Controlling Narcotrafficking & Unifying the Country Against Crime – resulting in Mexico’s National Plan Against Crime & Violence adopted in 1998 (Koym received 1-13-98 Oficio No. 017/98, a Letter of Commendation from Mexico’s Attorney General Office). Or, contact me care of my address or call: 512.215.4798. This document or its update hereinafter shall be posted at [Note, various works cited in this letter are amidst updating.]


Sincerely yours,



Kenneth Koym, Psychotherapist, 9704 Monarch Ln Austin 78724

Copy sent to: Honorable Congressman Lloyd Doggett, District 25 at email:

[1] In this Act--

(1) the term `crime of violence' has the meaning given that term in section 16, title 18, United States Code;

(2) the term `hate crime' has the meaning given such term in section 280003(a) of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (28 U.S.C. 994 note); and

(3) the term `local' means a county, city, town, township, parish, village, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State.