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Preamble for Developing Sustainability: Coaching Entrepreneurs & Growing Jobs

With careful boot strapping, training, mentoring, persistence, luck, many prospects can incubate properly groomed dream(s) and interests, innate talents, raw resources and their perseverance into sweet dollar-producing and life-sustaining businesses. Entrepreneurs may earn good incomes, but they must be diligent, persistent, true to themselves, nest themselves among hubs of success pursuing entrepreneurs who ask questions, kick butt and challenge each other to live forever friendly. Our intent is for prospective entrepreneurs within select target areas to identify dreams of excellence on which they may focus their entire being. This difficult incubation process often requires that that a sparing group associate with you as a convener, mentor or talent scouts. Such persons can help you kindle incentives and discover more and more markets for products and/or services. Going from dead zero to higher and higher capabilities demands that enabling variables [raw materials, hours spent and the distance between your supply source and your consumers] must be cranked into "a formula" you use to enhance your volume and/or output.  To achieve benefits and opportunities of any enterprise system of growth and development, one must struggle patiently, face hardship with courage and turn their faith and personal worth into profits and pleasure. Some call this trajetory the twelve steps that lead one's success.

Given a business plan, ingenuity, a stream of means for boot strapping the output and intellectual capital, not quantified in dollars, prospects reap the benefits of incubating a business and being an entrepreneur. Once an entrepreneur come into their own, new jobs are natural by-products. 

There are no handouts in the business world. No single dream will lead one to fame or fortune. But with a single dream that is carefully groomed along with tenacious attitude, incubation, hard work and a will to produce and persevere, successful business outcomes await those who put their foot forward and keep doing it over and over! Only the serious should set out to start a business on their own. Why? Encircling your incubation amongst a hub of successful others often is a venue for success by all who join the fight and watch one another gain results from being doggedly bullheaded. 

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Cel 512.828.9778 or Tel 512.215.4798. But recall from their separate philosophical view points both Socrates and Confucius caution learners that at times even the most experienced mentors may only be able to listen and say nothing.

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