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Tex Nonprofit Charter 400688401 Founded 5-31-77, Uphold Property Title Covenant Restrictions IRS 74-2935680 Surveyed June 1970

East Travis County Development Plan see

512.828.9778,, Box 1156, Austin TX 78617 c/o 9704 Monarch Ln Austin TX 78724-5840


Hon. Jacqueline Cuncannan, Senior Trial Attorney

U.S. Department of Justice Special Litigation Sec Civil Rights Section, Criminal Sec, PHB, 202-514.6255

950 Pennsylvania Av, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20530

RE: Bill of Charges Denial of Public Good Will1 by Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF)/JD Equity" intent to run a Chronically Disabled Homeless Rv Park on 27 in-County acres at 9301 HogEye ATX 78724

Dear Cuncannan:

We plea for relief per USDOJ cst#361475, and add two kidnappings, beatings, bullying, frisking, goading, a suicide, elder abuse, environmental injustice, clear cutting that destroyed springs and to many counts listed below and in attachments. This NA charges City of Austin with denying dwellers a public good will outcome by backing a bully --- Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF)/JD Equity, which moved to Travis County to skirt city laws. Vulnerable homeless get inhumanely treated. Their in-city connections are zapped as they are carried to an isolated site with no standard accommodations nor public safety guarantees nor accountability. Neither MLF nor local dwellers now embrace homeless newly brought there. MLF extends no humanitarian protective care to county-based dwellers residing in our sparsely populated setting.2 NA dwellers have zero experience in embracing chronically disabled homeless moved here 15/16 miles from their former ambients. Metrics show where service providers have no experience, screw ups result. Naturally chronically homeless get injured under such circumstances. Local elder dwellers living in the NA since 1970 are in disbelief. NA neighbors view unregulated pilferers may destabilize and terrorize unsuspecting homeless forced to move 16+ miles. NA reps ask CoA to show land use authority restrictive covenant restrictions set out saying, MLF clientèle will comport themselves in a neighborly manner. Dwellers ask, “why must our most vulnerable elders/minors get bullied? We ask injunctive relief to halt goading.” We ask for intervention and for investigators to dissuade NA intruders who use bullying.

MLF acquiesces in face of the public good will Austin needs to reintegrate homeless into the social fabric of its social milieu. Neither MLF nor negligent CoA bullies have been up front with NA dwellers. No intent to comply exists regards standards; Housing Finance Agency regulations; HUD guidelines; and Health & Human Service requirements; or with land use authority covenant restrictions. Monitored treatment could protect indigent/poor care in the face of bullying by MLF as tracked on Austin American Statesman front page 7-21-13 & Mobile Loaves and Fishes - Tracker Could HHS investigators or BBC Greg Palast [] learn why bullies3 removed ImperialValleyNA facebook entries 8-1-13? At Zoning and Platting commissioners neighbors who testified related, “we are not prepared to face inundation of crime subcultures MLF brings to live in an isolated RV Park. This is a first for Austin. Our dwellers are forced to contend with being far from support and now the big city forces us to embrace chronically disabled transients not permanent subdivision dwellers. MLF's intent has been to provide less than best care; plus forcing conflicts onto our dwellers. Austin's 845,000 dwellers, including our injured inhabitants., “seek a redress of grievances

Reiterating, MLF and its alter ego JD Equity Inc, having acted as agents in behalf of the CoAustin acquired 26.93 acres (Travis County-based property) but laid H20 pipe and sewer pipe thereto, while said acres was listed as owned by Boatwright & Renfren so it/they may upon advice of CoA Deborah Thomas, City Attorney;4 together, intending to skirt legal premises related to 3/13 CoA Planning Dept notice declaring, "The County does not enforce deed restrictions and land use restrictions." [See prior paper trail showing MLF has gained then lost5 "a one dollar/year lease 99 year use agreement on 11 city-owned acres Harold Park, to run a homeless park." The City voted "No" 7-0 as neighbors of the Subdivision protested. MLF avows not to uphold standards, public safety, be accountable to land use authority restrictive covenant restrictions or to “train” its clientèle to be neighborly. Their clients oft bully neighbors living side by side. Residential and business neighbors suffer contrary to Health and Safety Code Sec 281. Federally Qualified Health Centers can halt bullying and be accountable. MLF brings crime culture to formerly safe turfs. MLF bullied NA dwellers. So we asked the Healthcare District and Community Care Collaborative (CCC) 1115 Medicaid waiver not to fund MLF as an approved center. This disfavor began 11-24-10, with CoA Carol Gibbs & MLF posed entry on City land on Platt Lane 78724, which this NA stood down on multiple grounds in CoA planning file. MLF's intent to locate a homeless treatment center in the County amounts to skirting the law or getting by with below par performances.

This NA turf offers no jobs, no MD clinics, banks, bus lines, no grocers, no restaurants, no pubs, etc. It/we do not accept the City nor County approach to solving Austin's homeless. No community organizers, attorneys nor Judges bound to lawyer or practice law need to fight or undermine dwellers rights6. A million central Texans demand solutions not providers whose presence reduces home owner values and increases taxes. Dollars available for solving homelessness are oft misused (see entry re IRS) as being isolated zaps one's connectivity7,8. Detroit tried to dump its homeless in Wayne County (see 4-13-13 ACLU DOJ plea). MLF wishes to put humans in an isolated Travis County RV park. This strips these vulnerable homeless of relationships formed in the city. And then it appears per info on file, MLF has not assured each would get a US Postal address upon move in as required per Social Security and Medicaid law.

The City fails to engage citizens and MLF fails to reintegrate homeless among its 845,000 dwellers. Mobile Loaves & Fishes/JD Equity Inc has not sought to be accountable to land use authority covenant restrictions it puts on record. The City and County have not created public good will needed for solving homelessness in ATX (footnote 1). Rather home owners, families, Seniors, children and elder tax payers get bullied. This repeats the 1928 City Master Plan9 non-workable game plan, which back then forced people of 7 hubs east of I-35 into the Waller Creek area. Shabby housing was used then. Between 7-24-28-2013, plans for RVs, trailers and tee-pees were announced on YNN-TV.

Ninety five percent of this NA's turf falls in the County. We take no marching orders from CoA elected officials, planners, nor the zoning and platting commission. We demand carefully written land use authority covenant restrictions, which when breached, mean a violator may be fined. We ask the DOJ to help the NA halt gaffing and bullying residential dwellers.

Amid planner Arriaga opening remarks at the Zoning & Platting Commission 7-2-13 and 7-16-13 he held, “Our County has no land use authority. We can not demand that this applicant is must be accountable. Their subdivision covenant, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) need not assure neighbor protections.10” This negative trash opposed the public good will US Representative John Lewis called for behalf homeless in 1963 amid the MLK March. Lewis's call for quality reintegration of homeless into the social fabric of society, reflects deep-felt harm sentiments. Arriaga wrongly played into substandard expectations, MLF practiced for decades. MLF marginalizes homeless, creates crime cultures in RV park after RV park. Mr. Graham's team scams home owner after homeowner to back his ill fated scheme. That damages sales of Woodland Hills, Indian Hills, Whispering Hills, Kennedy Estates, Austin Colony, Chaparral Crossing properties. The ugly scrooge darkens hopes. It slows Imperial Valley NA's multi-billion dollar goal for 750,000 newcomers, who dream central Texas could be their home. We plead for injunctive relief to halt MLF misguided acts.

Recall ethical codes plumbers, surveyors, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Architects, Engineers, doctors of medicine, professional counselors, chemical dependency counselors, HUD approved housing directors. Their ethical codes and bio ethical principles apply on both sides of the City-County line. Land use authority covenant restrictions must recorded per State law. Stop this provider from falsely seeking freedom to skirt the Rules of Law taxpayers live by.

Vote against residents being snubbed. No one including the Mayor, Council, County Judge, Commissioners, City Planners and Zoning & Platting Commissioners should stuff trouble down either city-county residents throats. We call for homeless to be reintegrated into society. Excellence not injuries is expected from homeless recovery plans. Beware! Do not let this applicant:

  1. Be jump started after it has been run off from sites or forced to correct inept practices. We demand audits costing injuries and for measures11 to be instituted to halt new injuries to neighbors jeopardized by MLF operatives and/or homeless; MLF is legally responsible for those injuries per federal law.

  1. It over-stresses limited EMS & Ambulance vehicles central Texas has for dwellers to cover disasters, severe wrecks, heavy Central Texas tourist visitors. Star Flight air vacs cost $5k per flight. Minors or elders could die; applicant violates the one way in one way out accord, locating in the County 16 miles out. Fire Marshal Herschel Lee and the EMS Services CEO Danny Hobby plea all dwellers not overload the limited emergency vehicles available entire families can die if overloading occurs.

  2. Use its 501C3 to rip off society, give substandard services unacceptable under the 1937 US Housing Act. “Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF), was kicked off Bergstrom AFB, out of Harold Court, off turf in/near Govalle and Airport Road, cut back at the Royal RV Park, and now sets up 16-35 miles East beside $160-200k homes of FM969 Woodland Hills.” Plus they fall within Imperial Valley NA 105 sq mile turf [see 1195 Community Map]. This is our 2nd time to say NO to this service provider. We protest bullying this service provider has used, i.e., sabotaging NA Facebook entries.

  3. Clear cutting & removing 9301 HogEye undergrowth destroyed NA springs, rare species and wildlife protection and will replace it with pan handlers who rip off neighbors, taking all they can carry, sell or trade. This leaves NA dwellers bewildered with injury and suffering.

  4. False testimony at the Zoning & Platting Commission; alleged has an agreement with the UT-Austin Medical School. But it is not yet open. Rather than strive for accountability, the Commissioners' vote terrorized home owners. Recall NA dwellers testified, “Our small population is not prepared to support Austin homeless.” The Commission's vote dealt a heavy blow to the limited emergency vehicles that must run County wide. This violates the “No one way out” and “No One Way In Rule.” The vote reduced this metropolis capacity to respond to disasters and special human needs. Both need to be monitored.

  5. Answer to USDOJ CST # 361475 monitors and HHS investigators intervening to verify why violations to the 1937 US Housing Act & IRS 512/513 violations, are allowed.

  6. Do not concur with, commit administrative oppression nor deny federally mandated participation to those not engaged; and denying NA dwellers to receive sewer services given to MLF in one month, as compared to NA residents who never have gotten off septics since 197012. Homeless RV Commercial-Park splits 27 acres into 12 lots/but only 11 are listed @ E Garza's city desk, breaching 5 neighboring Subdivisions, two Hindu Temples, Walter E Long Lake/City of Austin & not accessible MLF CC&Rs.

  7. Halt money making that comes from renting sub-Standard old RV house trailers. Such housing and tee-pees for homeless humans is intolerable.

  8. Video taped Graham testimony at the Zoning & Platting Commission hearing says 249 lots, 13 tee-pees, community community center for gated subdivision payers, an outdoor movie screen, a 7 room medical clinic, and relations with a not yet opened medical school.

  9. Verify does this applicant's nonprofit violate IRS Sec 512 and Sec 513 “Smell Test.” Do audits of past for profit biz ventures and TV flaunted statements saying, “This homeless arrived yesterday and today we've made him an entrepreneur. He pockets the profits from his SouthBySouthWest ice cream sales.” Sadly the man left MLF in days to live with an honest conscience, apart from MLF.

  10. Failing to engage 65 percent of the dwellers -- would be neighbors' Foreign language Requirement. See Property Code Sec. 5.068. Dwellers living in this NA with standing, were denied chances to meet with fellow neighbors to review MLF case (never presented by applicant in dwellers' languages; nor were Foreign language users given a chance to get familiarized rights related to MLF intentions. Injurious prejudice by MLF clients, remains discriminatory for decades.

  11. No in-area public hearings with legal notices were given in languages used by the dwellers.

  12. No consent approvals exists between this NA and MLF in this jurisdiction. No dwellers received help equivalent to what applicant has received over the years Graham's MLF program has been listed on the City website. This feather in MLF's headband, aids its fund raising. None in our NA got equivalent aid. Citizens injured by this provider, the instant MLF got electricity, H2O & sewers on HogEye.

  13. Save Our NA's Springs. Halt clear cutting practices. It retards spring filtration along Elm Creek & Colorado River TWC §26.040(d) & 30 TAC §205.3(c)/see letters 3-29-13, 4-8-13 & 4-12-13.

  14. Personal injuries attributed to MLF have already cost dwellers in this NA millions. This is a second time City leaders use oppression on Imperial Valley NA. An inquiry before Eric Holder is assigned USDOJ cts361475 (and HUD # 323165). More attention to public safety in regards to MLF's inept services, lack of humanitarian protection for dwellers and it bullying is called out.

  15. Multi-million dollar tampering with revenues from real property calls for the city and county Auditors to quell shady practices as those drive revenues down and unequally force the poor to move out. Goading black and brown to move is wrong. – See 12-31-12 letter to County Auditor Riley. I.e., illegal acts against person(s). Cost the affects of habitation burglary/thefts. Verify MLF history per the annual FBI Crime Report and local PD, SO and Yelp reports.

  16. Unconscionable case site plan JD Equity Inc Sunshine RV 9301 HogEye Dr, ATX 78724 coupled with 68 JD Equity lots, IRS Sec 512 Smell Test; violates Treasury Regulation 1.513-1 [See also Pub 598 Businesses Being Asked to Render Services Prohibited By routine Covenant Restrictions]

below we cite cases of offensive discrimination i.e, scams pushed onto east Travis County over time. This history calls for the City to cease and desist in marshaling the 1928 Master plan found unconstitutional.

  1. Stop inhumane treatment of homeless and placing cancer causing trash in East Austin. This NA exercises its right to leveraging for less discriminatory practices; MLF in County operations; fewer excrement processors; and, fewer exploitations per garbage and land fills.

  2. Stopping damage to NA springs trampled by MLF, and the removal of gravel from creeks flowing into the Colorado River whose banks are still destroying riparian growths, and have caused silt to build up in river (and Creek) beds, making an equivalent of holding ponds, replacing the former River (and Creek) flow and riparian growth,

We hold the applicants are users of donated funds. Those come from the social contract (revenue to this MLF 501C3 provider). It comes from taxpayers. Dollars and in-kind donations as valued by donor equate to dollars from foundations, businesses, individuals all treated just like federal Funding. IRS standards of conduct apply equal to services budgeted for chronically disabled homeless “kept.” There is nothing special about MLF acquired $ss, compared to a Local, State or Federal assistance funding source. We hold the source of the dollars carries no privileges for allowing unregulated performance. Rather the 501C3 must adhere to guaranteeing the public good will as well as good neighborliness.

The social contract from which operating and services funds, gives no provider, including Mobile Loaves & Fishes/JD Equity Inc, freedom to provide substandard services nor shelter with donated funds and/or in kind resources. Nor is MLF free to “let recipients panhandle, steal or rip off neighbors where at benefits are expended.” The NA holds the community into which homeless or transients are caused to enter for a first time, has a right to training on how to deal with that influx of intruders' and, to dictate safety and security standards of conduct or to gain injunctive relief from the homeless service provider.

Congress consciously modeled Title IX on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq., which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs or activities that receive federal funds. Note that Title VI’s protections are not limited to "education" programs and activities, as are those of Title IX. The two statutes both condition an offer of federal funding on a promise by the recipient not to discriminate, in what is essentially a contract between the government and the recipient of funds. Because of this close connection between the statutes, Title VI legal precedent provides some important guidance for the application of Title IX. See, e.g., Cannon v. University of Chicago, 441 U.S. 677, 694-98 (1979)(Congress intended that Title IX would be interpreted and applied as Title VI has been). Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in federally funded programs, was also modeled after Title VI and, hence, may also provide guidance for an analysis of Title IX. See Alexander v. Choate, 469 U.S. 287, 294 (1985) (Because Title IX, Section 504, and Title VI contain parallel language, the same analytic framework should generally apply in cases under all three statutes). These statutes were enacted to prevent unlawful discrimination and to provide remedies for the effects of past discrimination.

Assure no 1115 waiver Medicaid grant $ss are used on public safety issues. Why? If MLF separates homeless from in-city connections to an isolated 27 acres 2 blocks by 2 blocks. Unconscionable confinements / psychological night mares, which MLF cannot sustain are the expected outcomes.

Congress consciously modeled Title IX on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq., which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs or activities that receive federal funds. Note that Title VI’s protections are not limited to "education" programs and activities, as are those of Title IX.

See “ACLU Urges Detroit To End Illegal Practice of ‘Dumping’ Homeless People Outside City Limits, Files DOJ Complaint” (4-18-13); low-income people with disabilities rights. Olmstead v L.C., 527 U.S. 581 (1999). Seizing, detaining and transporting homeless (to isolated MLF county site equals) prolonged holding ,, constitutes arrest; see Kaupp v. Texas 538 US 626 (2003). Texas 34.01 case law, § 28.84(c) taking or fraudulent seizure per like § 41.411.

We close crying:stop bullying and inept health-care services leading to citable personal injuries, pain and suffering. Hear our cry! If you hold it must be done, we plea for chronically disabled to be cared for inside the City limits, apart from residential subdivisions. Areas with dollars may support this gimmick but not ours. We ask not to be trashed nor for humanitarian protections to be denied. Do not stick it to dwellers who get injured, or get belongings stolen by homeless brought into this isolated County setting from the City. Scamming, discrimination, bullying and elder abuse must cease. We plea for independent investigation to over come this NA's lack of resources to gain injunctive relief merited and to stop those who skirt Rule of Law.

Respectfully, __/s/Kenneth Koym 8-19-13 Ken Koym, President, LMFT, Certified Mediator, Retired Military Research Scientist, Life Member American Psychological Association cel 512.828.9778

Community Strengthening Task Force: Sandra Brown, Janie Garcia, Delores Blaylark, Mary Fabian, Cecilia Galvan, Anibal Alvarez Family, Steven Brown, Luis Martinez, Jewel Medearis, Tony Federico, Jose y Juanita Silva, Luis & Gwen Shaw, Ardel Williams, Mary Moore, Martha Stockton, Don Miguel Pastor, Esperanza Briones, Sandra Williams, Will Taylor, Doris Williams, Angie Bedford, Mrs. Stevens, Carolina, Linda & Rachel Flores, Eric Bookman, Pete Gonzalez, Doris Jackson, Mildred Maxwell, Sr. & Sra. Frank Reyna, Jose & Juanita Herrera, Graciela Reyna, Jesus Moreno, Luis Martinez, Samuel Tinnon, Matt Rayson, Mozell Stephen, Rafael Briones, Linda/David Richard, Xochilt y Jesus Del Rio, Barbara Tutt, Cynthia Kidd, Janice Flint (Deceased), Matilde Carrione, Jose & Lupita Torres, Guadalupe Salinas Family, Rafael Briones Family, Henry Ramirez Family, the Trinidad Montoya family, Jose & Anna Mendoza; plus, we invite thousands living in/outside our jurisdiction to join ImperialValleyNA.

File: BillOfChargesCofAusdojDenyingPublicGoodWill.pdf & .html

Copied: FEMA, Travis County Atty David Escamilla; CoA Atty Karen Kennard, USDOJ/CST # 361475; State Bar of Texas; professional Boards of Examiners;

Hearing held at: Commissioners Court 700 Lavaca St 1st Floor, 8-13-13, 1:30 PM Note: Biscoe is listed as sponsor of Item 29. We believe a relationship exists between Sam being the project sponsor & Sam's Special Projects Fund. We ask for an independent investigator to take his use thereof under study. Do aid county residents denied care by Commissioners Court 8-13-13, 1:30 PM. See Item 29 on the agenda? Note, over Commissioner Ron Davis's motion, said Commissioners Court voted 5 to 0 in favor of this psychiatric treatment center or in essence a hospital in violation of a laws saying such practices are illegal and will not be permitted. Note especially, that MLF's CEO Allan Graham has declared no Medical Doctor, licensed psychologist, substance abuse counselor, nor other appropriately licensed professional staff person will be available on site 24/7 to fullfil services needed thereby. [posted 8-13-13]

Future Not Good For Homeless RV Park [Channel 8 News video of 2008 / verified working 8-10-13]

A move by Austin City Council creates a potential road block for a proposed RV park for Austin’s homeless. The day after tempers flared at a public meeting about a park that would house 150 chronically homeless people near an East Austin neighborhood, Austin City Councilmember Mike Martinez asked city council to hold off on lease negotiations and site preparations for a year.We had an explosion an emotional explosion, “said Richard Troxell with House the Homeless.

It was an explosion that may end plans for a homeless RV park in East Austin “I will be officially asking my colleagues to suspend any work on the Mobile Loaves and Fishes RV project, “said Austin City Council member, Mike Martinez.

The City was in the process of leasing the 11 acres of land off Harold Court. Mobile Loaves and Fishes was set to build and run the RV- Park 150 chronically homeless people would have called home.

Many concerned neighbors expressed relief at the motion. “Right now we have a year of safety for the children in our community and the homeowners and our property, “neighborhood resident Colleen Smith said. “I’m really happy about that.” Many neighbors felt they were left out of the decision-making process and had concerns about security and who would live at the park.

Martinez said, while he’s not giving up, finding a new site will not be any easier. “You’re talking about lifting up folks that in large part, society is not ready to accept as part of the mainstream, “Martinez said. “Everybody wants you to do something about the homeless but nobody wants you to do it in their community.”

By: Reagan Hackleman Category: BLOG STORIES | Tags: NATIONAL NEWS

Chronologically Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) and the the City of Austin have repeatedly failed to engage the public in a dialogue and consensus building. Moreover both failed to extend minimal humanitarian protections required. This began the instant the city gave MLF a perch on the its website.

For chronically disabled clientele across the USA, we asked a Psychotherapist Board of Examiners; State Bar of Texas; HHS Office of Inspector General; and US Dept of Justice to help us locate performance standards; training requirements; budgets etc., all to be satisfied before approvals or certifications for:

  1. Skilled-nursing centers;

  2. Assistive medical treatment centers;

  3. Mental health treatment centers;

  4. Substance abuser treatment centers:

  5. Mixed populations of problem personalities treatment centers; or

  6. An alternative treatment center.

We've learned a varying number of persons13 are involved in gaining the placement of chronically disabled clientele in such centers. Such placements oft arise with a 5-minute strategically-placed phone call. Are those “skilled callers” helping or hurting health-care deliveries? If not what can you do to cut down on scamming? We mean, in a single phone set of calls, Social Security disability (SSI); Medicaid; and Medicare coverages get lined up; and the diagnoses that can result sometimes, all get worked out with no a Medical Doctor or allied medical practitioner actually seeing the individuals. It's the result of “a case worker who pushes those individuals through a maze of options”. From this hopper, a placement into one of the six above named centers may become a federally qualified care center. Wow!!!! Really???

8-20-13, 11:22 PM status update on DOJ CST#362475 email to: attn of Ms. Cuncannan: 

We've faced a tough put down by Travis County Commissioners who grossly failed to allow dialogues in particular for getting the alleged specialist in homeless care to engage affected neighbors nor to cause the applicants to answer real questions about "Why moving homeless 16 miles east was the City of Austin 830,000 population's best alternative for placement in old 1960's model house trailers amounts to good housing thereof. 

So matters may be carefully understood, we've restated matters for the record and allege continued bullying, committing elder abuse of local residents and reckless decision making has per two votes in a long process "Approved the dirt," as per the City Zoning & Platting Commission, all the while they violated State and Federal laws as the application includes a 2,500 square foot medical facility. But, the 6-0 vote by that Commission is unlawful as property title covenant, conditions and restrictions do not comply with a federally qualified healthcare facility. Our Neighborhood Association details added reasons and thereby laws the Z & P Commission violates. 

Then, the lawyers for Travis County have advised County staff to fight nearly a million County dwellers and they have advised the Commissioners to take actions without allowing for dialogue between the million dwellers, especially denying right for that 65 percent of local population who speak, read and write principally in a foreign language rather than English and none of whom have been given a single shred of information about moving homeless transients in to be their neighbors living several blocks away. We cite the Texas property law mandating that engagement shall be done in the language the affected people speak, read, and write. Having been served with notice this law among many others have not been adhered to, County Attorney David Escamilla failed to advise the Commissioners to vote; and they did vote 8-13-13 to approve the homeless service providers application, including the 2,500 medical facility mentioned in my summary notes to you. 

We pray you will alert Imperial ValleyNA that you are in receipt hereof.

Sincerely, Kenneth Koym, Cel 512.828.9778

1Culmination of great force like that required to build the Hoover Dam on the Grand Canyon or the Panama Canal

2Budget line: Plan of Action and Core Principles of Codes of Conduct on Protection from Abuse and Exploitation in Humanitarian Crisis (English) We demand protections and the support IASC's (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) Plan of Action puts forth. We seek to benefit of humanitarian assistance and to be assured of fair trade, and help which brings a stop to exploitations and abuse.

3Chief Operating Officer at Mobile Loaves Fishes Inc Dave Sekel. Was facebook tampering ordered by the COO, Graham, CEO or Lauren Picarello, MLF Spokes person? Why does MLF say its intent will not be released? Why will it skirt standards until the County approves their application? Why will homeless at 9301 HogEye, ATX 78724 not be given individual postal addresses?

4Land Use & Real Estate Division Chief

5Future Not Good For Homeless RV Park,” [Channel 8 News / verified working 8-10-13]

6The Texas Property Code § 202.004(c) provides: “A court may assess civil damages for the violation of a restrictive covenant in an amount not to exceed $200 for each day of the violation.” Texas Property Code § 5.006 says “Attorney Fees in Breach of Restrictions Covenant Action (a) In an action based on breach of a restrictive covenant pertaining to real property, the court shall allow to a prevailing party who asserted the action reasonable attorney's fees in addition to the party's costs and claim.”

7In US v. Buchanon, 72 F3d 1217, 1223 (1995) citing Brinegar v US, 338 US 160, 177 (1949) (a person traveling on the highwaya “who has given no good cause for believing he is engaged in [illegal] activity is entiled to proceed on his way without interference.”); Shapiro v Thompson, 394 US 618, 629-630 (1969) (discussing the right to freedom to travel throughout the USA).

8Pottinger v. City of Miami, 810 F Supp. 1551, 1573 (S,D.Fla. 1992) (“[T]he loss of items such as clothes and medicine threatens the already precarious existence of homelless individuals is due no less protection under the Fourth Amendment than that of the rest of society.”); Lavan v. City of LA, 797 FSupp.2d 1005, 1011 (C.D. Cal. 2011) (issuing a preliminary injunction in favor of homeless indivuals who property was being seized by the City of Los Angeles and observing that plaintiffs' legitimate expectation of privacy in their property was “not necessarily altered by the fact that the City may have found the property in a public place.”) See also State v. Mooney, 218 Conn. 85, 112 (Conn. 1991) (finding a homeless person's belongings were entitled to Fourth Amendment protections and recognizing that those bags or other personal items “represented, in effect, the defendant's last shred of privacy from the prying eyes of outsiders, including the police.”)

9East Austin Neighborhood, And, Karen Riles, Austin History Center. Telephone and e-mail interviews. Study compiled by Elizabeth Sobel community affairs specialist Federal Reserve Bank Dallas.East Austin has long been economically and racially segregated from the rest of the city. In 1928, the city of Austin institutionalized segregation through a master plan. This plan forced minority residents to move to East Austin using such measures as cutting off utilities to blacks living in Freedmen settlements at the city’s periphery and in other parts of the city, as well as moving their churches to East Austin and its neighboring communities. City leaders also pushed the relatively few Mexican immigrants out of downtown by relocating their churches and building Santa Rita Courts, the nation’s first federally funded housing project, in East Austin. Civic Engagement: Residents and business owners in East Austin reported that it is hard for them to get their voices heard by city government. Language, education, and trust can all be factors.”

10Arriaga and his coach, attorney Tom Knuckles trash hard fought after John Lewis demands behalf homeless across the USA. In the writers' 58 years of business and professional history, he's amazed and demands in accord with Morris Priest, “Let's dialogue true benefits for homeless, not whether scum bags can defeat poor people living in or next to a Travis County ETJ subdivision. You fired up and ready to go? Mike check!!”

11Diligent practice of gaining forcible detainers done in conformity with State Edict and Court precedence for any and all bringing negligent abuse, harm or personal injuries to any School, residential SubDivision at all places MLF clientele frequent. This will be done in accord with the demands of Travis County Judge Guy Herman or another judge on the bench.

12Rendering perfect backing for Travis County Judge Biscoe to sign a Municipality Incorporation.

13some of whom are scam artists