Welcome to Dialogue-Producing Consortium, otherwise known as Dialoguemakers.org. Let us be your voice at times when discord and violence prevails, or when others do not hear your voice, or when you feel the lives around you are being trampled on or nearly snuffed out. We cannot solve endless problems but we can give your will to have a voice promise; and, we can bring attention to those who have no voice. Let us work together by seeking dialogue and peace among the parties.  We use gathering center strategies to  grow democracies.

Dialoguemakers.org (aka: DPC) is dedicated to Peacemaking, Democratization, Education, Coach Entrepreneurs & Counter Terrorism

In Texas we serve the public as an Approved Continuing Education Sponsor as authorized by the State Board of Marriage & Family Therapists Provider 2646 & by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Governance Division Trainer 05-060-B. Our Approved continuing education courses are provided in cooperation with American International University. A few courses are offered through the School of Continuing Education  and Travel  Study Program.


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